Construction Servcies

Management Services - Drawing on decades of complex construction
management activities, often in military environments, Raven Rock
Services provides a full array of construction services to support
delivery of new facilities or modification of existing infrastructure. The team delivers world-class leadership for clients relying on past performance of its principals in construction management activities for U.S. government and private sector clients, with an emphasis on large-scale construction projects.

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Program Planning

Facilities Management Services – Leveraging the experience of its team in providing operational support for U.S. government and private facilities, including high-security environments,Raven Rock Services provides maintenance and oversight of client facilities and also full support of facility operations. Relevant prior work from our team members includes managing facility operations and maintenance, developing contingency operations programs, and facilitating and managing enterprise and facility-based events.

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Event Facilitation

Program & Project Management Services – Raven Rock Services assists our clients with an array of program management and project management activities to maximize return on investment and mitigate risks. With the targets and objectives of our clients in mind, Raven Rock Services supports the definition and management of requirements, activities, schedules, resources, and risks to help our clients meet their goals. Our principals have successfully managed a broad range of multi-million dollar, multi-year programs and projects for USDOD, USDOE, NASA, other government clients as well as dozens of private entities, ranging from prime government contractors to insurance carriers to financial institutions, and others in between.

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Program & Project Management

Unmanned & Autonomous Systems Solutions –Raven Rock Services provides diverse unmanned & autonomous systems solutions, ranging from design and development to operations and support for unmanned aircraft systems, unmanned ground vehicles, unmanned underwater vehicles (and underwater remotely operated vehicles - ROVs), and heterogeneous unmanned systems groups. Past projects from our principals have included development of machine intelligence systems to support autonomous operations of existing unmanned vehicles, as well as successfully fielding collaborative, intelligent, coordinated systems of unmanned vehicles, unattended sensor and camera assets, and first responder personnel, among other implementations.

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Access Control

Security Systems Solutions – Relying on an integrated approach to meet client physical and information technology security requirements,Raven Rock Services provides a complete suite of security systems solutions, including security management systems, access control systems, video surveillance and analysis systems. The Raven Rock Services’s management team delivers deep experience from designing and deploying robust security systems solutions for U.S. government facilities, private client facilities, and border security projects. Our consultative approach will ensure flawless execution of our client’s pre-defined specifications or allow us to design and implement the perfect solution from scratch.

IT Professional

Facility Support

Technology & Software Management Services – Utilizing decades of experience in creating and using cutting edge technology to solve real-world business challenges,Raven Rock Services assists our clients in realizing strategic goals and creating competitive advantage. Our services include technology strategy development, technology forecasting, technology roadmapping, technology portfolio management, technology development, technology testing, and technology implementation. Our technology and software management services are propelled by the deep knowledge of our team in delivering these technology and management service capabilities to government and private clients, ranging from USDOD agencies to highly-regulated and publicly-traded companies.

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